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At ABM we believe that our impact on the environment should be minimised be that the immediate environment of a work site or the wider global environment.

To help us achieve this we are working with Carbon fix Trust towards lowering our Carbon footprint to a point that we are Carbon Neutral.

On a daily basis during the quoting stage and for each job we carry out an environmental impact assessment.

This assessment looks at such aspects of the site as the likelihood of their being bats present or nesting birds which would be disturbed by our work. We look to tailor our work methods to minimise the impact wildlife, this may take the form of all machinery being removed from site and only hand tools to be used to prune a tree which has possible bat roosts. In these circumstances we work with councils and environmental experts to ensure we do all we can to limit the impact.

One way in which we reduce our impact is to recycle 100% of all our tree and vegetation waste either as Woodchip Biofuel to power stations or compost mulch and logs to be sold to the public.

We also encourage the planting of new trees by supplying and planting, at cost or no profit, to customers who have had a tree removed.

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