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Large London Plane Removal Blackheath London

The over 100ft tree was infected with ganerderma rendering the roots weak and unable to support the tree. Dispite have a Tree protection order on it, TPO, working with the Local Council it was agreed to remove the tree on safety grounds. With the tree stem estimated to weigh close to 30 Tonnes should the tree fail either houses behind tree or a busy road would have been destroyed with a high chance of loss of life.

The crown was dismantled over 2 days using climbers and rigging techniques whilst the main stem was removed in sections using a mobile 50 Tonne crane, this ensured no sections could fall into road or houses.

The lowest sections of the stem were sent to a wood crafts specialists who will produce furniture using the stunning grain found within veteran London Plane stems.

Sycamore crown reduction London

This Sycamore had been causing damage to the property and it was decided that a crown reduction would keep the root growth under control. The specification demanded a harder than usual reduction.

The tree was reduced using a climber with rope and harness and rigging equipment.



Oak tree removal in Kingston Surrey

The position of this Oak Tree, Between 2 wooden buildings and a shed, represented a challenge as there was almost no free area below the tree. The crown and stem were dismantled using rigging techniques ensuring total control over large sections weighing up to 500kg over the roofs of the buildings.

Removal of tree on roof in Pall Mall London.

ABM was called in to remove a Goat Willow growing out of a fascia on the top of a building on the Pall Mall central London. This job made a change for a climber who got to climb down to the tree instead of the usual up.

Veteran tree care of Luncombe Oak Sidcup Kent.

This tree is believed to be over 500 years old. When a tree becomes very old help is often needed to help it continue to remain helthy. This tree required weight removimg from the end of limbs which were over 20 meters long to prevent failure.

The lower limbs needed support from below so branch supports were installed to support the weight of lower limbs.

Sycamore reduction in Streatham London.

The crown of this tree was touching buildings and roofs so with agreement of local Council it was crown reduced 25% to remove potentially damaging limbs.



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