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ABM Services offered

We offer full support and care throughout a trees life from the supply and planting of young trees through to the management and care of mature or veteran trees to the eventual removal of a dangerous or dying tree. All tree works are carried out to meet British Standard 3998 : 2010.

Tree planting

We like to replace any trees removed to help the overall tree stock levels to remain strong for the future, If a tree is removed we will supply and plant a new tree at a reduced cost to encourage the planting.

The correct selection of species of tree is important to ensure the tree is suitable for the selected site, we can advise if required. Young trees require care when being planted to ensure a healthy and long life. If required we are able to provide a care program for the new tree for up to 5 years including watering, feeding, weeding and formative pruning to ensure the tree has the best start possible.

Tree pruning

For many reasons trees require pruning, from interference with buildings or roads to maintaining structural integrity of the tree. There are many ways in which pruning can be carried out including crown reduction, pollarding, crown lifting, deadwood removal or thinning as well as many specialist pruning methods.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Tree care

Trees are dynamic, continually self-optimizing organisms, they maintain both their physiological functions and their structural integrity, however due to external influences they often need help to maintain their vitality and good health.

ABM can assess and prescribe care to relieve stress from the tree and help it to maintain a high level of health and vitality. This may take the form of simple tasks such as clearing competition from around the trees root zone to more complex decompacting and feeding as well as structural support.

Tree Removal

For many reasons a tree may need to be removed, from death to development. ABM carry out many dismantles of trees in many locations, utilising techniques from complex rigging to the use of 200 tonne cranes to assist in the safe removal of large trees. Please see ‘our work’ for examples.

Stump removal

Tree stumps can be a problem from simply being ‘in the way’ to causing a hazard or preventing development of the land. ABM are equipped in house to remove any stump by using a stump grinder to remove the stump up to 18 inches below soil level. ABM are able to backfill and turf over area or leave ready for replanting. Please see ‘our work’ for examples

Site Clearance

If site clearance is required we are happy to take this on for you. We offer varying levels of clearance from simply felling and leaving trees and vegetation on site, up to complete removal of trees and shrubs and other vegetation including all stumps and debris from site. ABM has plant and machinery large enough to cope with any size site.

24 Hr Emergeny call out

ABM offer 24hr emergency call out service for fallen or dangerous trees. We are equipped with generators and lighting systems to allow us to attend throughout the night to corden off or make safe fallen or dangerous trees.

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